15 Apr '18, 12am

Are You Ready for the 9 Greatest Eats in Sembawang Hill Food Centre?

Moist and flavourful char kway teow seems almost impossible to achieve, but Lai Heng has done the impossible. We urge you to slurp up the plate of noodles before it turns dry! We love that they were generous with the amount of eggs too. What sets Lai Heng apart from the rest of its hawker counterparts is its unique offering of huge otahs ($1). After a quick stay on the grill, the piping hot otah was a wonderful treat. Unwrap the banana leaf, and savour the well-seasoned fish paste. The fragrant otah has a smoky flavour that complements the char kway teow very well. A word of caution : the otah is pretty spicy!

Full article: https://www.misstamchiak.com/sembawang-hill-food-centre/


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