16 Apr '18, 10pm

Fat Monkeys – Mouthwatering & Sinful Western Fare at Kovan https://t.co/oKF7nkIa51

Da Bomb ($13.80) is a cardiac bomb waiting to happen. Enclosed within a deep fried dough casing, Da Bomb is made up of succulent beef/chicken patty, caramelised onions, cheddar cheese, crispy streaky bacon and a homemade bbq sauce. We opted for the beef patty instead of chicken, as a beef burger can never go wrong. Da bomb was literally the bomb, it was amazingly awesome! This dish was a literal flavour explosion, with each component pulling their own weight and bringing something to the table. The deep fried dough surrounding the ingredients was chewy and still a little doughy. The beef patty was soft, flavourful and bursting with juices, and the streaks of bacon added a lovely smokiness. The stringy cheese was strong, ooey and gooey, and brought everything together. A dreamy pool of meat juice and barbecue sauce oozed out when we dug into the burger… Omg? In essence, the...

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