NEW POST: A Basque tapas, in abyss. Kaixo, Tanjong Pagar #sgfood

NEW POST: A Basque tapas, in abyss. Kaixo, Tanjong Pagar #sgfood

The food was equally dismal. None of the three of us liked the food, especially Mr NGFL who was extremely grumpy that day. He commented, paraphrased: The pan-seared scallops ($14), with braised leeks, were limp and stale. The cherry-flavored gazpacho ($8) was grainy and we couldn’t taste any cherry. Tastewise, the boomba rice with pan-seared squid ($18) was rather outstanding, like an intense seafood-y version of our mui-fan , but the rice was undercooked, and each grain was hard at the core. When we asked the server to ask the chef if this was the norm for Basque cuisine to undercook rice, the polite server returned to us with the reply, “If you want, the chef can cook it more” without answering our question. (The answer is yes, paella, done in Spanish style, is slightly crunchy but still, the one we had at Binomio was slightly crunchy but didn’t come across as raw as Kai...

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