25 Apr '18, 5pm

Crunchy Granola Bites

We have a few breakfast staples in this house, and we're always looking for ways to get creative with our favorites. Crunchy Granola Bites are our newest favorite breakfast! We always have oats on hand, and we make granola at least once a week. In addition, my fridge is never devoid of greek yogurt. It is so creamy, tasty, and packed with protein and probiotics. I love to serve greek yogurt for everything from breakfast to snack to dessert . Our weekly trips to the farmers market yield as many fresh fruits as we can get our hands on. As you can see, Crunchy Granola Bites are only a few steps away as we have all the ingredients on hand any given day. We love to top ours with fresh berries, but you can use any of your favorite fresh, in season fruits!

Full article: https://weelicious.com/2018/04/25/crunchy-granola-bites/


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