26 Apr '18, 11am

#MakanBoleh – The Real Name Behind The Famous Epok-Epok! https://t.co/f6K1AY6o84

#MakanBoleh – The Real Name Behind The Famous Epok-Epok! https://t.co/f6K1AY6o84

Dapur Minang Dapur Melayu is one of the stalls that come to mind when we discuss epok-epok. The stall at Seah Im Food Centre is known for their epok-epok, which is made in-house. Dapur Minang Dapur Melayu actually isn’t the stall’s true name. Meet #MakanBoleh, the real and rightful owner to the famous Malay-style curry puff. Dapur Minang Dapur Melayu, which #MakanBoleh has been operating under, actually belonged to the stall’s previous tenant. When #MakanBoleh took over, they did not replace the signboard. Unfortunately, patrons began associating the famous epok-epok with the old signboard after a while. Till this day, Dapur Minang Dapur Melayu continues to dominate Google’s search results if you’re looking for the highly-raved curry puff online. Today, we’re very excited to announce that #MakanBoleh has finally changed their signboard!

Full article: https://www.misstamchiak.com/makan-boleh/


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