29 Apr '18, 11pm

Enjoy Seorae’s Juicy BBQ Pork Skirt this GSS! Great Deals Await! https://t.co/1dgyUOnVcJ

Slightly charred on the outside, incredibly juicy on the inside, and savoury all around, the galmaegisal had a robust flavour that was truly enjoyable. I recommend eating the meat straight off the grill while it’s still hot, to enjoy the tender and prime cut in all its glory. The galmaegisal comes in 3 flavours – Original, Spicy and Garlic. According to the chef, the proper way to eat it is to savour the original galmaegisal on its own first, before dipping it into the onion sauce. I have to say, the tangy onion sauce goes really well with the rich cut of meat.

Full article: https://www.misstamchiak.com/seorae-apr-2018/



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