16 Jun '18, 3am

Earlybird Café – Sublime Fried Chicken & Pancakes! https://t.co/tB5iT0ptqM

Earlybird Café is still in the midst of tweaking and refining their menu. However, their menu already features a few substantial options. Their Chicken & Pancakes ($19) had me salivating with its description — fried chicken on house-made buttermilk pancakes served with chilli maple sauce. I stared in awe as the plate was set down before me. The dish was beautifully plated! Sat atop the thick pancakes were three thoughtfully placed deep-fried chicken thighs. In addition to the sweet maple syrup and chilli flakes drizzled around the plate, there was a light sprinkling of powdered sugar and paprika on the chicken. Of course, there was a gratuitous leaf of parsley to add a touch of green to the dish.

Full article: https://www.misstamchiak.com/earlybird-cafe/


Portland Café Celebrates Pride With Drink Special https://t.co/jw91IRBsnK

Portland Café Celebrates Pride With Drink Speci...

baristamagazine.com 16 Jun '18, 3pm

The café will donate $1 from each sale of the drink to the Q Center in Portland, a safe space to support and celebrate LGB...

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coffeereview.com 17 Jun '18, 12pm

Sold roast and ground in a 10-ounce can; 40 cents per ounce. Café Bustelo, one of the most widely distributed of the many ...