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@ShuzzieSchanpps FYI.

@ShuzzieSchanpps FYI.

Regarding fat, protein and carbohydrates (or what you know about the Food Pyramid may be wrong) Very often we hear catchphrases and slogans repeated everywhere: “Complex carbohydrates is better than simple carbohydrates”, “Fat is bad for you”, “Drink more milk”, “Follow the Food Pyramid” or “Eat less sugar” and “Eat more whole grains”. It is almost like a catechism drill. However, if I remember anything from my secondary school (middle school, junior high equivalent) Organic Chemistry lessons, these catchphrases are confusing starting with the definition of “Carbohydrate”. This is a cause for concern for me because I would have to ask if we’re not slowly poisoning ourselves because of poorly remembered or misunderstood scientific terms and processes? Back to basics If you remove water and indigestible items, foods can be classified into 4 major categories: protein, fat, ca...

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Editor’s Note May 2013 #Food

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