Whole pork fillet tonkatsu and tempura asari from Tampopo

Whole pork fillet tonkatsu and tempura asari from Tampopo

It seems that every time I get to visit Tampopo , these guys would come up with something new on their tonkatsu menu. The foie gras stuffed rendition which I had from the last time seemed to have become a permanent item on menu now. There's been so much of items on the menu that I believe haven't actually ordered anything twice from their selection of fried pork cutlets. This time round, they seem to have come up with one for what looked to be the whole tenderloin for a small pig! The nicely golden brown breaded fillet was pretty much how I expected to taste like and I must say that it was quite a bit of pork there. The lean meat didn't resonate with much flavors, but was decided quite tender and juicy. Sauces and dips on the side compensated for the minimal flavors, which was really the only thing lacking about this item. Nothing that a little squeeze of lemon or a dip of

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Oh! Pork Yang Halal? | Oh! Tidak via @ThinkDevGrow

ohtidak.com 27 Oct '11, 3am

Haha. Rasa curiga bila kami menerima gambar ini. Apakah benar-benar ianya halal atau sekadar tanda halal yang silap dileka...