20 Nov '13, 2am

Morning! Play the game well with Orange Clove starting from today!

Thematic Setup We love innovation and we strive to keep bringing you unique and memorable setup in different themes to feast your eyes and satisfy the taste buds. Your event will be the most talk about in town. Every New Dish Multiple R&D Our R&D team constantly experiments to bring you innovative dishes. What's more, we follow stringent selection process of food tests and tasting before a new dish is eventually introduced to our menu. Quality vs Quantity We don't believe in compensating quality with quantity. We prepare our food quantity according to the number of people catered for, hence every person gets one reasonable-sized portion. One Chef One Dish Orange Clove employs a dedicated chef for each food dish. Hence, a team of chefs is responsible for the entire buffet. With each chef taking charge of an area of specialty, food quality and constitency are always maintain...

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