29 Nov '13, 2am

have a gooey & noodly weekend..fave 5 lor mee

As we were searching for our favourite five lor mee stalls, our local Makan Matas (food police) pointed us to Alvin See, whom they called – the lor mee expert, “Not expert la, just that I have a connection with sticky noodles,” he humbly said. For Alvin, growing up eating lor mee at his grandma’s stall until the late 70s is a memory that will forever stick to his mind. Recently, with a few of his makan buddies, they went on a mission to reconnect with and find that lost “feeling” for lor mee. “Lor mee is something we ate since young, it’s really something part of our own local hawker food. Nowadays the taste varies and we don’t even know what the original taste is like,” commented one of Alvin’s friends, Mark Ong.

Full article: http://www.makansutra.com/stories/5/1031/Fave5LorMee


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