28 Mar '14, 1pm

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Ju Chun Yuan offers a pretty reasonable dim sum buffet spread for less than $30 on a weekend! My group of friends and I arrived here around 10plus am and the place was still pretty empty. The crowd started coming in from 11am onwards and our orders started taking longer to arrive but overall, their service is quite efficient! My favourite out of the three is the deep fried prawns dumpling followed by the fried yam dumpling! Another of my friend really like the yam dumplings ...

Full article: http://sg.openrice.com/singapore/restaurant/ju-chun-yuan/...


Sounds tasty, this roast meat place does.

Sounds tasty, this roast meat place does.

is.asia-city.com 30 Mar '14, 3am

The buzz: This Chinese eatery (located a few doors down from The Tuckshop) specializes in roast meats inspired by (and in ...

Bao Yuan Bing Jia View on

hungrygowhere.com 29 Mar '14, 6pm

Located in Hong Lim Complex on Upper Cross Street, Bao Yuan Bing Jia serves Chinese Food.