20 Jan '12, 4pm

SEGA se lance dans des jeux d'arcade d'urinoire

SEGA se lance dans des jeux d'arcade d'urinoire

Japanese games maker Sega is pushing beyond living rooms and barging into bar bathrooms with "Toylet" devices that are played by speed and volume of urine. The games use urinals fitted with sensors and small digital displays placed at eye level. Five titles are available, including "Hold, Manneken Pis!", named after the iconic Brussels fountain depicting a small boy in the act. Players compete on the basis of volume. But in "Splashing Battle!" the user takes on the previous visitor in a virtual fight based on stream strength. In "Violent wind warning has been issued", the player tries to blow up a virtual girl's skirt with a digital wind, also dependent on the power of his flow. Sega has so far installed about 130 Toylets at some 100 bars and restaurants across Japan for 150,000 yen ($1,900) each. The incentive for bar owners is the ability to show digital adverts after th...

Full article: http://www.soshiok.com/article/17031


Macho urinal games in restaurant toilets make a...

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