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Try this new pasta recipe #PastaMama #easydinner #aggienutrition #athletefavorite

Try this new pasta recipe #PastaMama #easydinner #aggienutrition #athletefavorite

Pasta Veggie Scramble is a dish Kenya has loved since he was a kid. The recipe idea came to me after I had eaten a similar dish, Pasta Mama, from a restaurant I love in Los Angeles called Hugo's. Hugo's is a deliciously healthy place which uses only organic and wholesome ingredients in every dish and drink they create, and I'm inspired whenever I eat there. While many people think of using eggs only in breakfast dishes or baked goods, for me eggs have always been an awesome dinner choice as well. Used in this Pasta Veggie Scramble, the result is a spectacular choice for vegetarians or families on a budget since you probably already have fresh eggs in your fridge and a box full of spaghetti in your pantry. The addition of just a few fresh vegetables and some grated cheese are the only other things you'll need to produce this filling entree that's totally scrumptious and sup...

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Irvin Lin: photographer, designer & recipe developer

Irvin Lin: photographer, designer & recipe deve...

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