20 Mar '11, 5am


i dont know about you guys but i am so happy Sharetea is going to be in Spore soon!Saw the picture on Wisma Atria basement, dont know when its opening, should be soon i hope. i had it in taipei when i went there in april and they have amazing menu! spent the week there and i tried as many and of course the crispy fried chicken next door was a complement. they seem to have flavors which koi and e rest do not have, my mum loved their fresh yam drink, my bro crazy about their mango ice blended with ice cream, me i went for just pearl milk tea, its alot more fragrant than the brands in spore. Also tried this fruit tea that was very refreshing, dun know the name, too “chim” but salesgirl said its with fresh passionfruit, orange juice and something else, cant remember, love it…cant wait!

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