03 Mar '15, 2pm

#sgfoodreview Artistry - Go For The PB&J French Toast

Now this was rather interesting. Pandan buns infused with coconut shreds coupled with a sunny side up, ikan bilis (dried anchovies), peanuts and a slab of juicy but relatively bland piece of breaded chicken thigh. Accompanied by a small dish of mildly sweet and spicy chilli. In all honesty, there was some resemblance to the real nasi lemak (coconut milk rice) but the less than fresh tasting peanuts could do with a little more work. Oh yes and maybe the chicken could use some seasoning. Nonetheless, still a thumbs up for the idea.

Full article: http://www.timelessfacade.com/2015/03/artistry-go-for-pb-...


Go team go. #marinabaysans #Singapore

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French Cinnamon Toast Crunch Recipe #Breakfast

French Cinnamon Toast Crunch Recipe #Breakfast

runeatrepeat.com 05 Mar '15, 11pm

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