04 Mar '15, 8pm

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I made this and really liked the combination on paper but I think it is missing some cinnamon or even more vanilla. I will try this the next time. I also used sweetened coconut because that’s all I had on hand and I found the muffins still lacking in flavor. I grew up eating low sugar baking because my father was a severe Type 1 diabetic and have continued the practice with my sons so although many are trying to reduce sugar and many other items, I think we need to also teach our kids moderation when eating. Sorry for the mini-rant, I am tired of holier than thou parents trying to put everyone down because they use a little sugar or white flour. Catherine I like your recipes because you try to use a substitute when possible but you truly have a good a balance in your recipes.

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Heavenly muffins

Heavenly muffins

hungrygowhere.com 06 Mar '15, 4am

Light, crumbly and moist, the texture of the muffins was authentic. Some tasters commented that the muffins were slightly ...