19 Apr '15, 2am

Blueberry gelato.

Blueberry gelato.

Not too far from our home, is a pretty place with fountains, music, restaurants which laid out tables & umbrellas outside, night light & life & a small Italian Ice Cream place at one corner – which has the most wonderful sorbets & gelati fresh made on site every day. Perfect summer setting. Last time we spent our evening there, Arjun had Mango Pomegranate & Mixed Berry Sorbet, the kids took fresh Strawberry Cream & Key Lime & I indulged with Tiramisu & Chocolate Mocha. The texture of the gelato was strikingly different from the regular ice cream we usually have; it was smooth , not as heavy & made us crave more & more.

Full article: http://www.ecurry.com/blog/desserts-sweets/blueberry-gelato/


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