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どうでもいいこと言うね??? これシンガポールのケンタのメニューだって( ˘ ³˘)♥ 笑

どうでもいいこと言うね??? これシンガポールのケンタのメニューだって( ˘ ³˘)♥ 笑

Burger with 100% Chicken Fillet! If you’re looking for the definitive chicken burger, look no further than KFC! We take a 100% chicken fillet, marinate it with our secret recipe, then pile on the tastiest ingredients and yummiest sauces – and sandwich it all between a delicious bun.

Full article: http://www.kfc.com.sg/our-food.php?category_id=218


Foods to help you quit smoking

Foods to help you quit smoking

mnn.com 22 Jun '12, 12pm

When you think of the most unbeautiful thing you can do for your body, what do you imagine? For me, it’s smoking. We’ve kn...

Welcome! Blogshop @ JustSpree

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The following is an excerpt from "Welcome!". Note: Items are offered by individual blogshop owner. JustSpree does not sell...

KFC Singapore $5 Zinger Coupon #kfc #singapore #coupon #dining

KFC Singapore $5 Zinger Coupon #kfc #singapore ...

singapore-promotions.com 21 Jun '12, 6pm

Valid for dine-in and takeaway only. Limited to one redemption per transaction. $5 Zinger special consists of 1 Zinger, 1 ...

The best pun about wind energy: You’re welcome.

The best pun about wind energy: You’re welcome.

grist.org 21 Jun '12, 2pm

The best pun about wind energy, you’re welcome By Jess Zimmerman This made me laugh way, way harder than it should. (From ...

Farm Bill Amendment Would Allow State Labeling ...

treehugger.com 20 Jun '12, 3pm

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders has proposed an amendment to the Federal Farm Bill which would allow states to label geneti...