26 Jul '15, 4am

Henri Charpentier

Henri Charpentier

And if you’ve heard about Henri Charpentier, you would’ve probably come to know about their top 2 main desserts on the menu – their Crepe Suzette ($22) and Dome ($29). The highlight of both desserts is that the waiters will flambé (alighting the food with alcohol) personally next to your table. This factor alone justifies the price tag. For the Crepe Suzette ($22) , the server would first prepare the zesty sauce in the pan, followed by adding 40% Grand Marnier cognac. Finally he adds in the two slices of crepes. Don’t tear your eyes off the burst of dancing blue flames. The resultant crepes are thin, soft and silky, sliding right into your mouth, and the sauce is buttery, orange-y and with an alcoholic touch to it. The bitter aftertaste of the alcohol is overshadowed by the sweet and zesty sauce too. Wish I could’ve more.

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