30 Jul '15, 10am

The Veg-Wee Dip. The only thing more #fun than saying the name is actually making it > #FunRecipes #Recipe

One of the most timeworn food challenges for parents is getting kids to eat their vegetables. It certainly hasn't gotten any easier for us moms and dads over the years. Our generation of kids is exposed to a wider variety of unhealthy foods now than at any point in history, with hundreds of millions of marketing dollars targeted specifically at our defenseless little ones. For many parents it's just too much of a battle to keep their kids away from prepackaged junky foods. Many finally give in, saying their kids are "picky eaters" or simply that they "don't like vegetables". It's a tough and seemingly endless struggle for us parents, but once you resign yourself to the "well, they just don't like to eat their greens"-type labeling of your little ones, the junky food has won out and kids feel like if they resist you enough -- no matter what the food -- they will eventually ...

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