26 Aug '15, 11am

Sukiyabashi Jiro すきやばし次郎 – What To Expect, How To Reserve

Areas to note for reservations and dining – Jiro accepts reservations from 9am of the first day of each month for the following month. (For eg, if you would like a reservation for August, call on the 1st of July at 9am Tokyo time.) – The exceptions are Sundays (Ginza branch) and Wednesdays (Roppongi branch) when they are closed, and end-December early-January for annual holidays. – Reservations have to be made in Japanese. – Most international customers would make reservations via their hotel concierge. – Do not be late for the reservations. – Dress code: Collared shirts or jacket. (No shorts or sandals.) – Refrain from wearing strong cologne and perfume as that would interfere with the smells and taste of the sushi. – Observe proper sushi dining etiquette. For example, eat the sushi immediately when it is served and not let it sit, don’t break/bite the sushi into two, don...

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