27 Aug '15, 12am

Our newest obsession: Apricot Millet Muffins. #WeeBake

Our newest obsession: Apricot Millet Muffins. #WeeBake

Besides shopping at the farmers' market for the food we eat during the week, we also like to stop when we get there and get breakfast from the prepared food vendors. For years we have been partial to pupusas , but in recent days, we've been switching things up a bit. One of our newest obsessions are the multi-grain muffins from Valerie Confections , a local bakery. They set up the most beautiful display of baked goods and it is impossible to resist stopping by to check everything out, let alone not buy something. Pastries, cookies, chocolates, hand pies and -- the inspiration for today's recipe -- beautiful little muffins packed with millet and pieces of dried apricot. My kids and husband adore them. I've tried to pry the ingredient list out of one of the owners on more than one occasion. He will only hint as to what is inside these baked marvels, and even the few ingredie...

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We know how busy #moms can be. So when you bake, we know it's made with #love. #WeeBake

We know how busy #moms can be. So when you bake...

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It's not until you actually become a parent that you're truly able to realize just how formidable a job it is. Between wor...