29 Aug '15, 8pm

You'll be shocked at how easy and inexpensive making your own #Hummus can be. #WeeCreate

I was at my friend Monica's house last week and noticed a giant glass container filled chickpeas soaking in water on her kitchen counter. I can't help myself from being nosy whenever I notice something out of the ordinary in someone's kitchen. I had to know what she was going to make with them (by the way, soaking your own dried beans for recipes is unbelievably delicious if you've never tried it). She told me she was simply going to eat them on their own or make homemade hummus . I was getting hungry just thinking about it. My hubby had been buying fresh hummus from a vendor at our local farmers' market and couldn't believe how unbelievable it tasted. Then the saddest day came for him when the "hummus man" stopped selling at the market and hubby had to come up with something to satisfy his fresh hummus jones. Since traditional hummus is made with only a few ingredients li...

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Red Bell Pepper Hummus Video

Red Bell Pepper Hummus Video

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Since we came home from vacation, the kids have been going to a few different camps. When I was a kid I went to the same s...