21 Apr '16, 10am

Shiberty Bakes – Blogger Turned Baker, ‘Magical’ Bakes At Owen Road https://t.co/Y8LQF3Fnwx

Shiberty Bakes a Shibuya Toast called Shiberty Toast ($16) that came in 3 different flavours: Classic (sea salt caramel and vanilla ice cream), Rocher (hazelnut and vanilla ice cream) and Matcha (green tea and vanilla ice cream).

Full article: http://danielfooddiary.com/2016/04/21/shibertybakes/


Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer is Almost Here

fussy-eater.com 19 Apr '16, 4pm

From May 2 through Mother’s Day on May 8, more than 200 restaurants, bakeries, cafés, ice cream, and chocolate shops throu...