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BEING a sardarni, I have to admit that I take pride in serving my family soft and fluffy chappatis. But even I can’t match the Fulkas at SanSkruti. Not only are they soft and light, they taste great and make you reach for more. A purely vegetarian restaurant – it doesn’t use eggs in any of its preparations – SanSkruti is most famous for its buffets on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. It serves different thali sets each day. Friday is Rajasthani, Saturday is special Gujarati (not very spicy) and Sunday is Kathiyawadi (spicy). However, the restaurant specialises in Gujarati dishes such as Dal Bati (puffed wheat dough dumplings cooked in lentil curry) and Undhiya (cooked fresh vegetables), which most of their customers like. Since I was there on a Friday, I tried a Rajasthani thali ($10 for lunch and $12 for dinner). It consists of a variety of items: Three vegetables (kadhi, ...

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