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Via Tokyo – Now With Black Sesame Soft Serve, Another Outlet At Tsim Sha Tsui https://t.co/pusIZL0wK6

Being one of the most searched dessert place on OpenRice Hong Kong at one point of time with their range of green matcha desserts, their Hojicha flavour desserts which are only available on Wednesday (known as Reverse Tokyo) are our favourite. Rich, milky with distinct hojicha taste that lingers on our tongues.

Full article: http://danielfooddiary.com/2016/06/19/viatokyotst/


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Do you have any questions? Contact [email protected] International toll free +800 0705 6477 /US & Canada toll free +1 855 685 2372


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A 100 percent biodegradable vegetal leather, extracted from mushroom caps and “tanned” using chemical-free methods. b: Res...

日本初! 建築模型の新ミュージアム... https://t.co/fT6LkbyomH

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Anti-US military protests attract thousands in ...

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View Photo Gallery » Okinawans filled the Onoyama Athletic Stadium to protest U.S. presence on Okinawa June 19, 2016. Jame...

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Thanks to those years of growth, the financial industry came to make up a significant shares of the twin cities’ economies...