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気になる気になる、コイン・プラタ。 https://t.co/45I5RB65lX

気になる気になる、コイン・プラタ。 https://t.co/45I5RB65lX

Coin prata is a misnomer. One can hardly find a coin that is the size of a doughnut! But, somebody, somewhere must have coined (pun intended) the name and somehow it stuck and now we have coin prata. If you never had coin prata before, what it is, is, a normal prata dough which is cut into three smaller pieces after it is stretched out, then extra margarine added and the dough is shaped into a circular puck. This requires a little more effort but results in a really crispy and flavourful prata. The set at Ali Khan comes with a very shiok mutton curry for $4.80. 4.5/5 Sacks of plain flour Now, as you know, there are 24 hour Indian muslim eateries all over Singapore which serve prata, thosai, Indian rojak, mee goreng and the like. These Indian eateries cater to many of the foreign workers who sometimes work till late at night and need something to eat. A lot of places serve ...

Full article: http://ieatishootipost.sg/ali-khan-restaurant-coin-prata/


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