27 Oct '12, 5pm

@xlinx2 at these prices I think today's meal was really worthed it

If 7atenine was the best meal I had so far, then Au Petit Salut would be its equal. I was the passerby in your colourful life, we never seem to meet, until now. Our encounter is but an absence and a providence: now that we’ve met, I hold you dear. The place of eternal memories; Au Petit Salut. Lush, lush, lush and green. It seems so near, yet so far. Right in the middle, but not in the middle; I had to admit – I was wrong. Overrated, you are not, there’s just something special about you. I wished we’ve met earlier, but like they say, it’s better to be late than never. It was all we need to get started with, a piece of bread, and a stick of butter. We threw envious glares at the seemingly-softer white-looking bread at the table adjacent to us; it was just, human nature. When in Rome, do as the Romans do – and in a French restaurant, eat snails as the French does. This was m...

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Memories of the Thieves Market

Memories of the Thieves Market

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From irememberSG – Yeo Hong Eng writes about his memories of the Thieves Market, aka Robinson Petang . Why was the Thieves...


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Wooloomooloo Steakhouse Singapore #Food

Wooloomooloo Steakhouse Singapore #Food

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Wooloomooloo steakhouse , a popular steakhouse chain in Hong Kong, has started their first restaurant at Swissotel the Sta...

Tlist yg pingin ke Singapur coba diliat :9

ladyironchef.com 31 Oct '12, 11am

Anyway, I had painstakingly, manually complied this list and it will be updated regularly until some smart-ass comes up wi...

Where to eat in Zagreb Croatia #Food

Where to eat in Zagreb Croatia #Food

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Words and photographs by Jolin Ma Travelling to Croatia has been the best experience I had thus far in 2012. Not only was ...

5 Brunch Spots in Sydney #Food

5 Brunch Spots in Sydney #Food

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This place was a lovely surprise. I cannot believe that I’ve had actually walked past it countless of times without headin...