28 Feb '17, 8am

Coffee Break – Hawkerpreneurs Open Kopi Cafe, With Flavours Of Sea Salt Caramel, Black Sesame, Rose https://t.co/JQiiyen5lJ

Secondly, not many children want to take over their parents’ hawker stall. (Coffee Break was established by their father at Boon Tat Street, which was later re-located to Amoy Street Food Centre. Their grandfather also owned a coffee shop called San Hai Yuan more than 80 years ago. A vintage sign from the old shop hangs on the current wall.)

Full article: http://danielfooddiary.com/2017/02/28/coffeebreak/



mrcoffee.com 04 Mar '17, 11pm

Classic functionality keeps brewing simple and easy. Just set it up, turn it on and brew. There you have it! Rich-tasting ...

Singapore-born coffee cafe opens in KL

Singapore-born coffee cafe opens in KL

star2.com 25 Feb '17, 12am

All things, to all people – it’s a tall order, but Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) aspires to be a one-stop caffeine sho...

Grounded in the Caspian Sea

earthobservatory.nasa.gov 01 Mar '17, 3pm

The second image shows a detailed view of the nilas ice, which appears dark. Perhaps most notable, however, is the white, ...