28 Mar '17, 11pm

Alakai – Say Aloha to New and Colourful Poke Plates https://t.co/UFahn1IXSC

Life’s a beach upon stepping into Alakai. The blue and white interior has a little feel of Santorini, somewhat akin to a beachside cafe. As explained by friendly owner-chef Lon, Alakai means “the path to the sea” in Hawaiian. Lon has lived in Hawaii for 18 years, hence he is an expert when it comes to Poke Bowls. You can expect authentic Poke Bowls, or should I say Poke Plates, here.

Full article: https://www.misstamchiak.com/alakai-everton-park/


Electronic License Plates for Drones

spectrum.ieee.org 30 Mar '17, 2pm

In late 2015, mandatory drone registration went into effect in the United States . Since then, anyone who wants to fly a d...