29 Jun '17, 8am

Lennard Yeong Creates XOXO Burger for 25 Degrees (Hotel G)

Lennard Yeong Creates XOXO Burger for 25 Degrees (Hotel G)

I've recently partnered up with 25 Degrees to create an locally-inspired burger. Instead of going the typical chilli crab/salted egg route, I decided to create something with an XO sauce. The burger consists of a shrimp-XO patty, Turkey meat, a kaffir lime mayonnaise, topped with arugula and pickled cabbage. Its slightly spicy, with that intense seafood flavor from the XO, and aromatic acidity from the lime to balance out the richness of the 2 patties. It will be available from 28 June to 31 August, so please head on down to give it a try! @25degreesinsingapore #25degreesinsingapore #hotelgsingapore

Full article: http://www.camemberu.com/2017/06/lennard-yeong-creates-xo...


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