27 Jul '17, 7am

MEET The NEW Julie’s Wafers – Chocolate Hazelnut Cream-Filled Wafer Cubes. Plus WIN A Trip To Malacca https://t.co/ADAdwCx55y

Here are 10 delicious ways you can have the Julie’s Chocolate Hazelnut Cream-Filled Wafer Cubes to make your taste-buds happier: 1. Eat them plain as they are. 2. Separate the wafers by the tier, and have them layer and layer. (Remember how you eat wafers as a child?) 3. Use the wafers (crushed or whole) as toppings for ice cream. Vanilla ice cream is great. 4. Put them in a hot drink. Coffee or milo works. 5. Leave them in cold milk for a couple of minutes. Almost like having chocolate milk. 6. Having a stack of breakfast pancakes? Add some in between or on top for some crunch. 7. Elevate your next dessert. Crush them and use them with a quick sprinkle like crumbles on your cake. 8. Add them in your overnight oats or granola for some chocolatey-hazelnut flavours. 9. Julie’s Wafer fondue. Enough said.

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