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  • Spiced Carrot Coconut Orange Cake

    ecurry.com 04 Jul '18, 4pm

    Allow me to sign off the memories of 2011 and begin the new year with a sweet note. I have been very busy myself, keeping in close warm company of my little family and good friends. A lot of cooking and baking and laughter rings in our home right now, and with it comes a lot of time o...

  • "Papaya/Pepe – r Plastic Chutney" #tastyfix #foodies #cooking https://t.co/aJ2QSsCCL9

    Papaya/Pepe – r Plastic Chutney |

    ecurry.com 27 Sep '17, 8pm

    Papayas for the plastic chutney grew plenty in our home. Too many of them. The papaya plant stood by our dining room window and would bear fruits without a break, quite to my distress. The warm humid climate is perfect for this tropical fruit. The tall tree stood by itself, (as a cons...

  • Blackberry Ice Cream with Amaretto @Soma_R freshly made berry ice cream for #Summer

    Blackberry Ice Cream with Amaretto

    ecurry.com 15 Jun '15, 2pm

    Follow the same process as above in processing the berries. Blend/whip the cream until it is frothy and airy and starts to thicken. Combine the berries with the cream and the amaretto and almond extract and freeze. Every couple of hours break the ice cream up with a hand blender or by...

  • NEW: Simple and Nurturing! Saffron Flavored Creamy Yogurt #shrikhand #dairy #dessert #nobake #Indian #re…

    Saffron Shrikhand: Saffron Flavored Creamy Yogurt

    ecurry.com 23 Jan '15, 5pm

    Saffron Shrikhand: Saffron Flavored Creamy Yogurt Ingredients: (makes approx. 3 cups) approx. 3 cups (8 oz cup) pref. whole milk yogurt (with the whey completely drained ) 1/2-3/4 cup confectioners sugar (you can grind everyday sugar to make confectioners sugar) * a large pinch of ver...

  • @TheCurryGuy

    Bhapa Shorshe Chingri: Steamed Prawns in Mustard, Poppy Seed Sauce

    ecurry.com 30 Sep '16, 3pm

    is a flat, heavy rectangular block of grinding stone with innumerable holes/dents chiseled into the surface, with one end merging into a triangle. This is the stage where all the harmony and magic of the spices and pastes happened. There was no whir of the blender then. The cylindrica...

  • "A Fourth of July Pie"

    A Fourth of July Pie

    ecurry.com 03 Jul '17, 12pm

    A ready made, store bought pie crust (you may make your own at home or use any kind of store bought ones. I have used the basic graham cracker crust) 3/4 cup dark or semi-sweet or milk chocolate chip (use any kind of chocolate you like) 1.5 cup Greek Yogurt, strained until thick and c...

  • My mouth was watering just thinking about this! #SummerCurries #TheSpiceQueen

    Prawn Tikka Masala

    ecurry.com 27 Jun '14, 2pm

    Add the rest of the oil to the pan. Add the methi/fenugreek, the cumin seeds and the slit green chili peppers. When the spices sizzle add the sliced onions and cook them in medium heat until they soften and become translucent. Add the tomatoes, and the julienned ginger. Cook until the...

  • Chicken Tikka Naan Pizza

    ecurry.com 15 Jan '15, 4pm

    It needs no describing that this is pretty much an Indian flavored pizza. Nothing new or original. Naan pizzas are everywhere. Or are they called “Naanizza”? I came across that recently! They have been creating sensations for a while and it does not seem that they will fall out of tre...


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