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    ThaiExpress - Whet Your Appetite!

    thaiexpress.com.sg 29 Jun '12, 1pm

    A Place of Delicious Food and Amazing Flavors Our culinary philosophy is best described as creating dishes that hit an emotional cord. Fresh, full of flavour and served with finesse - our dishes thrive on only the best of ingredients. We make it a point to use only Thai indigenous spi...

  • Delivery Menu - ThaiExpress

    thaiexpress.com.sg 25 Dec '11, 2pm

    Enjoy our dishes at your convenience. Dine at our restaurants or order online from www.cuisinexpress.com.sg . All prices quoted on this webpage are before inclusion of delivery charges and any other charges by Cuisine Xpress.

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    ThaiExpress - Indonesia

    thaiexpress.com.sg 13 Jun '12, 9am

    SA-NOOK SET Let your palate experience a scrumptious perfect feast with our Sa-nook Set at just $8.90++. OUR MASAMAN CURRY Named No.1 World’s Most Delicious Food by CNN! Experience a burst of flavor with every bite. CHEF’S SECRET MENUS Discover contemporary takes of hometown dishes fr...

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    thaiexpress.com.sg 06 Nov '12, 11am

    Take your pick of delectable Sa-nook Sets Dining out has never been this perfect and fun. Unleash your senses with our Masaman Curry We can guarantee you will come back for more doses of this addictive dish. Sa-nook - To enjoy and to have fun! A people of charm, warmth and happiness. ...


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