11 Aug '17, 3pm

Take a tour of @STPI_Gallery Annual Special Exhibition | #DavidHockney: A Matter of Perspective! #ifpda

“We do not look at the world from a distance; we are in it, and that’s how we feel.” – David Hockney STPI Gallery continues its 15th anniversary celebrations with David Hockney. The exhibition of 36 carefully selected works drawn mostly from the Singapore Art Museum Collection presents how Britain’s most celebrated living artist continues to push the boundaries of print techniques, investigating the one intrigue which defines his entire prolific career: perspectives. A rebel among his contemporaries, Hockney (b.1937) – largely known for his portraits and vast landscapes – is also recognized for his refusal to be pigeonholed in a particular medium or artistic style. Over the span of six decades, he constantly experimented with numerous materials and methods available, embracing an open-minded approach to art and technology (including sketching with iPads) that led to his ac...

Full article: https://www.stpi.com.sg/exhibitions/


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