24 Oct '17, 8am

Indie actor Jack Hyde on the challenges of acting in Singapore

Indie actor Jack Hyde on the challenges of acting in Singapore

As an actor, because I have been doing it for a long time, it’s really easy and I only have my character to focus on. But, as a filmmaker, the amount of preparation that they go through is really hectic and there is a lot more work to it as well. Before Monstrosity, every shoot that I took part in, I treated it like a learning experience. While I was focused on my character throughout the whole production, at the same time, I was really curious about what goes on behind the camera and what techniques/styles do certain directors use in terms of story and direction. However, after observing the amount of stress they go through, it did put me off slightly and I really thought that my career would only involve me acting in front of the camera and that would be it. After I auditioned for James Rowlins’ film, “Double Take”, he was impressed with my performance and, although I di...

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