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TINC and Alexander Camden on what makes the beat sick

TINC and Alexander Camden on what makes the beat sick

It’s been a dream of mine since I was young to own a recording studio. I’ve been a musician since I was six – I can play the piano, guitar and violin and I’ve been writing songs since I was 14. I’ve always had this vision of starting something that I could call home. I got sick and tired of waiting around for someone to hear and notice me. So starting my own label was a natural thing to do. The name, TBIS, came about because, it was something I found myself saying about a beat that caught my ear when I began DJing later on. One day, it just struck me to name it that way and I rushed to ACRA to register it. It wasn’t a very intentionally planned thing; it just fell into place. I used to teach DJing in my bedroom and once I was able to support myself from that, I found my own space in Tai Seng. Our launch was great, actually.

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Your support makes our work possible.

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