05 Apr '18, 6pm


I just completed the Japanese Sword Museum here in Tokyo. The latest foreign projects, Shenzhen Sea World Culture and Arts Center in China and the Bihar Museum in India, were built last year. I am working on several large projects now, including a new City Hall for Yokohama, a gallery of modern art in Wiesbaden, and my third project with Aga Khan in London. My concerns, when designing architecture are basic – to deliver quality design and construction, to express my buildings’ unique locations, to address my clients’ briefs and programs, and to fit into given budgets. Well, here in Japan it is not so difficult to achieve good construction quality. But when you work abroad it is not that easy. For example, I try to avoid using exposed concrete outside of Japan. There is a high chance it will not be done well. Here in Japan, we enjoy a very high level of craftsmanship and ra...

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