30 May '18, 2pm

The Four Ingredients of Documentary Film *Filmed in Singapore & at @IllinoisStateU

From his recent filmmaking workshop at Illinois State University, Griffin explains the four elements of news and documentary—SOT, b-roll, voiceover and natural sound. You can view show notes and listen to “Hey Indie Filmmakers” audio at http://hey.film Upcoming workshop in Los Angeles PHOTOCON LA 2018 is a three-day photo and cinema learning event in Los Angeles, which opens with my keynote Traveling Light While Filmmaking on June 8, 2018. https://photoconla.com/schedule/tba-f... Video equipment Griffin uses: http://griffinhammond.com/gear

Full article: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yx99KdAF1LI&feature=youtu.be


Video: Stanley Nelson's documentary - Acce...

news.starbucks.com 30 May '18, 9pm

Video: Stanley Nelson's documentary - Access to public spaces in America

Four peacocks are wreaking havoc in Philadelphia

seriouslyomg.com 31 May '18, 7pm

Four peacocks broke free from the Philadelphia Zoo, which they often do, and they were looking for a quick way out of town...


objectifs.com.sg 26 May '18, 6pm

Producing short films with narrative, linear storytelling Independent Short Film Producing Instructor: Lai Weijie Sat 14 J...

PBS to air new documentary about veteran experience on Memorial Day - News - Stripes

PBS to air new documentary about veteran experi...

stripes.com 25 May '18, 6pm

PBS will air “Going to War,” a new one-hour documentary about the experience of going to war and coming home, on Memorial ...