31 Aug '11, 6am

The first Sound Art Open Call event, Within 140 Characters, kicks off this year's SeptFest on Friday. It's going...

is an interactive sonic composition which aims to explore the social media phenomenon of Twitter, and its ability to not just entertain, but also give voice and power to those who participate in it. Constrictive, or perhaps liberating, with a unique space of 140 characters, Twitter becomes a personal broadcast station for a sundry of proclamations, from succinct to banal. This sound installation aims to investigate this by grabbing live data from Twitter to create an immediate soundscape.

Full article: http://www.substation.org/within-140-characters-2/


New characters for new book

New characters for new book

emilayusof.com 10 Sep '11, 4am

I am currently working on a book. I am not going to expose what kind of book it is just yet until the final publication, b...