26 Feb '14, 2am

Homegrown '60s rock foursome The Pinholes tell us what's shakin' at their album launch this Friday and where they...

The Pinholes have a very distinct sunny '60s sound that sets you apart from other local bands. What drew you guys to this style? To start with, we really love our homegrown peers like The Stoned Revivals and Force Vomit. I think both are responsible for drawing us back to the more earlier stuff from our local scene in the '60s and '70s. Then we discovered great, exciting bands and artistes like The Quests, Straydogs, Pest Infested, The Swallows, Ismail Haron and many others that kept us curious. Mind you, these people made Singapore vibrant with culture back then in the heyday, yet as young Singaporeans, we don't really know their legacy much. That’s why I started to dig up on them – out of respect and honour for the way they started the earlier pop movement here.

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