05 Mar '11, 10am

Mar 12, 730pm Flicker Orchestrated 2: Expanded Cinema

Mar 12, 730pm Flicker Orchestrated 2: Expanded Cinema

A visual artist based in Singapore, Hun Ping has a strong passion for experimental and non-mainstream cinema. Currently, he is teaching full-time at the School of the Arts Singapore, and seeks to inculcate an appreciation for experimental cinema in his students. In his spare time, he creates video and film works mostly single-handedly, merging traditional fine art techniques with new media technology. Most of these works provide an avenue for him to deal with his struggles and anxieties; these cinematic journeys likened to a flight from the absurdity and profundity of it all. Though the works are highly personal, he nevertheless makes an effort to share and exhibit them in various parts of the world. The works have so far made it to North America, France, Greece, Israel, Japan, Macau, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore, presented in both art gallery settings and film festivals.

Full article: http://www.substation.org/flicker2/


Looks like I'll also be performing, @judynaomi ...

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