18 Nov '14, 1am

#DigitalFashionWeek 2014 – Fyodor Golan @DigitalFashWeek @FYODOR_GOLAN

#DigitalFashionWeek 2014 – Fyodor Golan @DigitalFashWeek @FYODOR_GOLAN

Never mind that for a moment we weren’t ourselves. There were micro-minis packed with neon-coloured punctuations and holographic bomber jackets in plastic threads to bring to the table – so ecstatically decadent any cyber punk from the depths of Shinjuku would have endorsed them at a whim. That finale dress was humorous (thanks to the band of soccer players disguised cleverly under a wave of colour strips) and bold enough to be eccentrically sexy, which in Fyodor Golan’s domain means a winner to fans such as

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#DigitalFashionWeek 2014 - Mash UP #DFW2014 @DigitalFashWeek @WHATAMASHUP

#DigitalFashionWeek 2014 - Mash UP #DFW2014 @Di...

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Entitled “Les femmes D’Alger”, this blend of abstract prints: photo collages, mosaic tilings and extensive embellishments ...