20 Dec '14, 8pm

Die Antwoord – Ugly Boy @DieAntwoord @CaraDelevingne #DieAntwoord #UglyBoy

Die Antwoord – Ugly Boy @DieAntwoord @CaraDelevingne #DieAntwoord #UglyBoy

Die Antwoord are a South African hip-hop outfit with a skeezy-looking white dude and a kinda-pretty white chick, kinda. The vid features a bunch of “edgy” images, such as the dude getting punched in the face and the girl sitting in a throne room fit for the Queen Of The Ravens. There are also weird little pixie creatures and an evil clown. Supermodel Cara Delevingne makes a cameo.

Full article: http://wardrobetrendsfashion.com/die-antwoord-ugly-boy/


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