14 Apr '15, 2pm

Facts about @sesac

home » Writers & Publishers » Affiliate FAQs FAQs : Becoming a SESAC affiliate | Current Affiliates | Payments Becoming a SESAC affiliate Q: How do I become a SESAC affiliate? SESAC is a selective organization, taking pride in having a repertory based on quality, rather than quantity. However, we do not want to discourage anyone from contacting our Writer/Publisher department for more information on how to become a SESAC affiliate. We are primarily interested in working with professional writers, or those who are pursuing their career professionally. For more info about contacting our Writer/Publisher Relations Representatives please click here. Q: Why should I choose SESAC over ASCAP and BMI? SESAC is a technological leader among the nation’s performing rights organizations utilizing the top digital technologies to enhance its tracking of performances. SESAC, by design, i...

Full article: http://www.sesac.com/WritersPublishers/faq.aspx