11 May '15, 8am

シンガポールでZETTAIRED!! 拡散!m(__)m

シンガポールでZETTAIRED!! 拡散!m(__)m

Meet Hand, Mouth, Ear and Eye – all disembodied giants with minds of their own. Each puppet has its own distinct personality. The Ear and Eye, still and pensive, following, watching and listening. The Mouth in contrast is quite articulate, chomping, snarling, devouring and licking with its giant tongue. Imagine a giant hand creeping its way down the footpath, touching everything, holding people, tapping, slapping and generally gesticulating its way around Esplanade.

Full article: http://www.esplanade.com/flipside/2015/prog-roving.html#z...


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