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Home Ticketed Shows Primitive The Boy with Tape on his Face Ticket Free Programmes Virtual x Reality Sienta La Cabeza Live Caricature Drawing A Lorong Evening Thank You Tezuka A World Gone Sideways Babymime Funniest Comedy Circus Show Roving Acts Workshops and Talks Visual Arts Calendar Ticketing Sponsors Contact The Programmes Ticketed Primitive by enra (Japan) 30 & 31 May, Sat & Sun Read More The Boy with Tape on his Face by Sam Wills (New Zealand) 5 & 6 Jun, Fri & Sat Read More Ticket by Clownic (Spain) 6 & 7 Jun, Sat & Sun Read More Concourse Virtual x Reality by Alexander Yuen (Singapore) 29 May, Fri & 2 Jun 2015, Tue Sienta La Cabeza (Spain) 30 May - 1 Jun, Sat - Mon Live Caricature Drawing 1 Jun, Mon A Lorong Evening by Lorong Boys (Singapore) 3 & 4 Jun, Wed & Thu Thank you Tezuka (Japan) 5 - 7 Jun, Fri - Sun Outdoor Theatre A World Gone Sideways by Wildfire (Singap...

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シンガポールでZETTAIRED!! 拡散!m(__)m

シンガポールでZETTAIRED!! 拡散!m(__)m

esplanade.com 11 May '15, 8am

Meet Hand, Mouth, Ear and Eye – all disembodied giants with minds of their own. Each puppet has its own distinct personali...