25 Apr '11, 8am

Fish Never Sleep. Docu on Jap fish industry to Naoko, a complete insomniac, a short depicting sushi, fear & suspense.

From a documentary about the fish industry in Japan to the story of Naoko, a complete insomniac, this short depicts a lot of sushi, fear and suspense.

Full article: http://www.esplanade.com/whats_on/programme_info/fish_nev...


Because Rock Never Die!

mrbrown.com 27 Apr '11, 3am

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Fish & Co is officially halal certified!

Fish & Co is officially halal certified!

cyberita.asia1.com.sg 27 Apr '11, 1am

SEMAKIN CANGGIH: Encik Chew berkata pelanggan Islam semakin mewah dan sanggup berbelanja untuk menjamu selera. -- Foto TAU...