16 Oct '15, 4pm


Not yet as famous as he would become, Fuller was already known as a 20th-century Jules Verne, an eccentric engineer type with an unusually broad intellect. He seemed to think that conventional wisdom was puerile. For example, when we jump up, we are not really jumping UP since the earth is a sphere. We are actually jumping OUT. People jumping in China are headed in the opposite direction from those of us jumping up here, so jumping out would be a more accurate description. He also seemed disturbed that architects didn’t know how much their buildings weighed, as if this were some sort of architectural vital sign that needed to be monitored regularly. His lecture that evening was a lengthy string of quasi-related notions about how the world worked, enlivened by all kinds of unusual references like these. At the end of the talk, he knitted together everything he had said in a...

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